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Bed bugs are the biggest worry in every household. They exist everywhere whether they are the Asian or the Western countries. It seeks shelter on beds or furniture, reproduces quickly and can normally be found in rural areas. There were several synthetic pesticides like DDT used to kill them but with concern for health reasons a few countries banned these pesticides.


Now bed bugs have made a comeback in urban areas too. These bugs belong to the parasite family and can be found anywhere from schools to shopping centers near you but are not visible to a naked eye. However, the insects prefer to feed on the warm-blooded creature.


As an individual, if you are facing serious issues about bed bugs at home or your workplaces you must be having a hard task to deal with this infestation. Have you ever got this thought in your mind about bed bugs eating themselves and killing each other? Well, that is not possible though.


Apart from killing bed bugs with scientific and home remedy solutions are you aware there are a few insects that survive on bed bugs as their source of food and can naturally kill them? Surprised, isn’t it? Let us now check out who are the natural predators of bed bugs?


Do Bed Bugs Have Enemies?


bed bugs enemy


Yes, Of course, everyone has enemies on the planet and so do bed bugs. There are natural insects that feed on bed bugs. The treatment for bed bug infestation is really difficult but lucky are those who seek help from the insects which are their natural enemies.


What Insects Kill Bed Bugs?


To bring it to your notice bed bugs have masked hunter that bring their lives to an end. They are called as Reduvius Personatus that belong to the species of family Reduviidae which are also called as assassin bugs.


The clan mainly prefers to feed on bed bugs rather than other insects. This clan of bees are harmful and can also cause harm to human life if they are mishandled, or any of their activities are disturbed. So make sure you stay away from these species of insects.



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Here are also another bunch of insects that feed on bed bugs to fulfill their appetite.


1. Cockroaches


They are the black insects that can be spotted in every household whether urban or rural, semi-domestic or domestic houses. It is the biggest pests any householder can deal with as they run all over the place and live for a long duration. When we use the word cockroach, there are variances in them. The different types of cockroaches that eat bed bugs are listed below.


– Order Blattodea


It belongs to the Blattidae clan and can be further classified into an oriental cockroach and American cockroach.
We also have the blattellidae species which comprises the German cockroach and brown banded cockroach.


2. Ants


Have you seen an ant in your life? Well, you can find ants everywhere. Drop a pinch of sugar, and there you’ll spot a colony of ants. Pharaoh ants are the number one species from the ant family that generously eat bed bugs. They may be tiny in shape but vigorous in nature. Normally ants eat everything at their reach whether its food or bed bugs.


3. Spiders


Scientifically the Thanatus flavidus species are great hunters for bed bugs. A survey conducted by scientists have made it evident that they consume bed bugs. These insects are popularly found in Greece, Russia, and Ukraine.


4. Mites


Mites are found in your own homes and offices. They too seek shelter in the areas where bed bugs seek but the only difference is that they feed on bed bugs and not on the blood of humans. The species is Acari, and it belongs to the Pyroglyphidae family.



5. Centipedes


Centipedes are destined to feed on invertebrates like bed bugs, spiders, termites, cockroaches, silverfish, ants and the other insect that are spotted in a household. The species of centipedes that frequently feed on bed bugs are Scutigera coleoptrata.


What Spiders Eat Bed Bugs?


We already mentioned that Thanatus Flavidus are the species that eat bed bugs and it is from the family Philodromidae. When you are gazing at the wall, you must have come across spiders in your house. Apart from cockroaches, they are another set of insects that are commonly found in households. The only positive point of having them in the house is that they eat bed bugs are their source of food. An increase in the existence of spiders in the house is a clear sign that bed bugs dwell in there too.


Do Lizards Eat Bed Bugs?


Lizards belong to the reptile family, and they also eat bed bugs. But that does not give you a practical solution to having a complete solution to control the infestation of bed bugs in the house. These reptiles are in need of bed bugs only during specific seasons regarding the environment concerning heat, light, and humidity. Hence lizards do not give you the complete assurance about eliminating the issues relating to bed bugs.


Can One Use Ladybugs To Kill Bed Bugs?


Ladybugs are friendly insects that are seen in your surroundings. They eat tiny insects and ants which they find around in the gardens. There is no scientific evidence that is found today that ladybugs kill bed bugs because both of them are different. Even when it comes to their size and shape, there is a huge difference among both of them so we cannot hop into any conclusion that bed bugs can be killed by ladybugs. However, the research is still on.


Do geckos eat bed bugs?


Ever heard of a gecko treatment? This is a remedy which was practiced by women where she used a bunch of lizards to eat and kill the bed bugs in her house. She adapted this method as a solution to her bug problem. Geckos consume bed bugs that are out or are crawling around.



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They hunt around the place and eat bed bugs going in search of them in the spaces they hide. Additionally, I would like to say that geckos aren’t an option to control the growth of bed bugs in the house and their eradication is not guaranteed.


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Hence these are the natural predators of bed bugs. Do not kill them if you find them in your house because they can be of great help to you.

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