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Bug Bites are truly dangerous and the worst part of the whole thing is that they are quite painful. They cause an itchiness and even if they have never been known for transmitting anu sort of diseases to the humans, their stings cause swelling on the part of the body where the bug has bitten.

They bite humans particularly for the purpose of extracting nutrition from them. The young bugs are known to bite people in their immature stages of life so as to extract nutrition from them. Besides, the adult bugs also bite humans for they need to draw nutrition from the blood during their time of laying eggs. However, if you have ever been seen after a bed bug, here is how you will be able to know that!

This is how you will be able to recognize bed bug bites:

how to find bed bugs

Firstly, let me tell you that bed bugs usually attack the exposed parts of our body, that, the hand, skin, legs, arms, and faces. This is because these are usually the areas of the body that remains uncovered during our sleep. Apart from that if you ever see cast skin on your bed or faces of bugs, these are symptoms for you to understand that bed bugs have been there in your room.

Other than that, you may also see blood stains on your bed sheet, that indicates that you may have been bitten by a bed bug while you were asleep.

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  • Bed bug bites see not necessarily big. They can even bite on a small portion of your body. You may also see a zig-zag pattern on your skin or there could be a concentration of the bite on some parts of your body.
  • Blisters are quite common.
  • Itchiness and inflammation on any part of your skin are natural and that’s when you can identify that you have been bitten by a bug.
  • Your skin may turn red and you will see multiple such marks.
  • Red bumps, often known as papules or wheals and skin rashes are quite common.
  • Swellings are expected if you have been bitten by a bed bug.
  • A bitter burning sensation can even be expected.

When these bed bugs draw the blood from within your body through the skin, they usually tend to inject an anti-coagulant along with the saliva through the pores of the skin. Now, this is the ultimate factor that determines the size of the wound or the symptoms that are seen.

In case you see any of these complications, you can doubt the bed bugs for they might have caused you such itchy soreness and swellings.

The best advice on this part is that you should visit a physician at the earliest and take the doctor’s recommendation or you would be prescribed with an ointment to reduce the burning sensation and get the portion of your skin healed. Homemade remedies like applying a toothpaste or ice cubes could also be fruitful on the bed bug bites.

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