How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Your Hair | The Ultimate Solution 2018

Do you have bed bugs in your head? Are you worried if they spread diseases to you? Finding solutions how to get bed bugs out of your hair?


Bedbugs dwell in everywhere. It builds its shelter homes in dark, cozy areas either under your mattresses or the bed frames. Bed bugs feed on the blood of warm-blooded humans. They are not visible during the day and come out only at night when all the lights are put off.


Get Bed Bugs Out of Your Hair


Since they prey on humans, it is obvious that they will get over your head and occupy your hair to in the process of feeding over your blood. The symptoms that bed bugs are preying on your hair is when you develop having an irritated and itchy scalp and also notice tiny bites. Body lice are different from bed bugs though they belong to the same parasite family.



Bed bugs do not cause much harm like lice, but they do move all over your body from the tip of your head till the legs in search of blood. While having thought about bed bugs in your hair you must be having chills down your spine. There is nothing to worry about this. This problem can be rectified, and there are methods that will help you get rid of them.


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Symptoms Of Bed Bugs Infestation In Hair


Seeking symptoms of bed bugs infestation in your hair? They feed on blood sucking it with their tiny beak. It possesses a small amount of anesthetic fluid which numbs your skin and later they suck the blood. People never really feel the bites. The bites are painless, but they leave the skin to turn itchy or with a small bump. The itchiness in your skin subsides in a few days time. When bed bugs bite your scalp, they bite it in a straight row not all over the place like how body lice do. In case a bed bug has bitten, you may find blood stains on the pillow, and your scalp can be raw and sore.


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In some cases people consider these bites to be mosquito bites and ignore the fact about bed bug infestation. If you happen to spot itchy welts on your skin that you did not possess when you were asleep when you wake up in the morning you should start considering this case seriously. Make an investigation if your house has bed bug infestation. Another symptom that signifies you are bitten by bed bugs is the dark spots of the bug excreta and the odor.


Can Bed Bugs Get In Our Hair?



Yes, bed bugs can get in your hair when they attack the body for blood. It climbs up to the head and pricks the scalp with its beak to suck blood and later leaves it itchy with minor bumps due to the bites. Bed bugs are often attracted to human beings because of the carbon dioxide emitted when sleeping and also the smell of blood in the body. They don’t live on the head like body lice, but they make trips at night in search of food when the individual is asleep.


Can Bed Bugs Live On Your Body?


Bed bugs can be transported from one place to another when the bed is transported. This is a common fact among travelers, the bugs on the beds happen to spread on the clothes as well. It sneaks into the luggage or backpacks. All the clothes in the luggage get infested and while the clothes are used the bugs seek shelter in the body. As soon as you spot these bugs make sure you wash your clothes with the hot water as the high temperature will kill bed bugs.

Symptoms Of Bed Bugs In Hair?


When you feel an itchy scalp and a few bites in a straight array on your head with some swollen bumps, you must be aware yourself that you are a victim of bed bugs. The bites will irritate on for you, and they are in the form of clusters. You will also have a burning sensation as you itch your hair because of the existing bites.



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This irritation is caused when you apply shampoo, conditioner or while rubbing the hair wash process.


Do Bed Bugs Bite Your Scalp?



Yes, on an urge to find blood bed bugs first bite the scalp with their tiny beak and then suck the blood.


Can Bed Bugs Get In Your Ear?



Bed bugs do not have any interests in getting into a person’s mouth or ear. If they do a human will get alerted when it enters, and they will get rid of it. If the insect enters the canal, it can cause distress until it is removed or it finds a way to get rid.


So what can you do to get bed bugs out of the hair?


Bugs do not tend to stay for a very long time in your hair. You have solutions to get rid of these gross bugs as soon as possible especially if they are in your hair. Bugs do not get themselves attached to the hair follicles.



You make follow these steps to get rid of bed bugs from your hair.


– Keep a check on your scalp regularly.
-Follow this practice every day when you wake up in the morning
– Your bedding, pillowcases, linens, curtains, and clothing should be washed with hot water.
-See that you keep your pets away from your hair.
– Vacuum the place every day until you have signs that the bed bugs have left your place.
– Use shampoos which will help you get rid of lice and wash the hair thoroughly every day and use a clean comb to remove the bugs.
-Apply oil to your hair and wash off with shampoo. Repeat this process daily for a week.


Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs From Hair


There is no necessity of using shampoo to get rid of bugs from your hair. By washing your hair every day you can get rid of this problem. But adding a few natural ingredients to your shampoo can help you get rid of the problem. Purchase oils like eucalyptus, cedarwood, rosemary, and lemon. Add a few drops of these essential oils to the shampoo you use and mix them well. Clean your bed regularly and use hot water to wash your clothing. You can also use a few medicated shampoos which are designed to cleanse the scalp. It’s okay to have a few bugs present in your room but getting rid of them from your hair is very important.


Can I Kill Them With a Hair Dryer?


Heat helps you kill bed bugs, and so does freezing of items. You should not consider a hair dryer to get rid of bed bugs because bugs need exposure to a temperature of more than 120 degrees or higher. In case you ought to do this, you may end up keeping the hot dryer close to your scalp, and it may leave burns on your skin. It can also cause excessive hair fall. So do not use a good hair dryer to get rid of bugs because it is risky.


However, I hope you are now aware how to get bed bugs out of your hair.

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