Home Treatment For Bed Bugs

Bed bugs multiply quickly and thus, their number keeps on increasing rapidly. They are mostly found in places with warmer climates and they are basically dependent on the human blood. They draw the blood from the human’s body and feed on them, hence known as parasites. They bite the victim with their beaks and since they are present in drapery, clothes and here and there between the furniture, these insects need to be detected and removed from the home as early as possible.

Identifying bed bugs from blood stains on clothes and bed sheets and finding the swings here and there may be an indication that your location has been infested with bedbugs.

Almost everything has a home remedy, if you aren’t ready to call up the professionals right now and take up the chance by yourself instead, you can find ways to get rid of them all by yourself at first. If you suspect any such infestation, it is always an advised to such home keepers that they must not cause any further delay for the infestation will keep growing each day and thus, will lead to allergies and similar skin irritation and sometimes, fever. Here are some of the home remedies you can try out right from your home:

This agent has got the property to absorb all the moisture and dry the area. Besides, the antimicrobial property of this product helps it to drive away the bacteria. Once you have used it for a long time, vacuum the space in between the cracks or wherever you have applied and re-apply once again.

  • Steam treatment

Apart from areas around the electric outlets, if you see too many bed bugs causing an infestation in areas like the curtains, carpets or mattresses, you need to steam these products. Bed bugs cannot survive in such extremely high temperature. so if you steam these items, the bugs, as well as its eggs, will be destroyed.

  • Cayenne powder

The antimicrobial property of this product keeps away the bugs. If your home is infested with bedbugs, you can strain the solution from the paste prepared with oregano, cayenne powder, and grated ginger. Now, when the solution is ready with you, simply spray it in between the cracks of the walls or around the bed where you had suspected the infestation. The smell of the solution will help you get rid of bed bugs. Continue applying this procedure for a few days and you shall be able to witness its effectivity.

  • Diatomaceous earth

A little amount of diatomaceous earth needs to be spread in the area where the infestation has been caused. It will take an approximate time of 10 days for this powder to kill the bed bugs but it has proved to be quite effective thereby,

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offering a good result in return. It isn’t harmful in any way since the powder contains no chemical so, you and your family members would be totally fine to use it. Simply add it to the bed or spaces around the wall. I wish this guide “Home Treatment For Bed Bugs” will help you out.

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